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E-M:/ World's biggest Nuke Dump on Lake Huron??

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>


Here is a TROUBLING note from the Toronto Star -- maybe someone out there
knows about this, but I wasn't aware that what some folks in Canada believe
may be "the world's biggest nuclear waste dump" is to be built by the Bruce
Nuclear Power Development in Kincardine, Ontario, near the Lake Huron shore
(Kincardine is due east of East Tawas on the shore). Apparently, this dump
will be able to contain "700,000 bundles of highly radioactive, used nuclear
fuel in above-ground concrete silos", which sounds like our current nuke
waste storage at on the lakes nuke plants multiplied astronomically. What
the article tells us is that a citizen's group which asked for additional
environmental review has been denied that request by a Canadian federal
Appeal Court.

Can someone out there explain how our northern neighbor decided to put a
nuke dump near Lake Huron, while we folks south of the lake have legit
questions about whether we should put our nuke waste in Yucca Mountain?
Does this mean that US nuke waste may go to this site (heck, they send their
garbage to us, don't they?).


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