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Re: E-M:/ Ford and Other Automakers Urged to Replace Mercury Switches

Enviro-Mich message from "Matthew R. Abel" <attorneyabel@mediaone.net>

There is a blank line where Michigan would be listed.

Has A.G. Granholm signed on?

Matt Abel

Charles Griffith wrote:
> Charles Griffith, Ecology Center, 734-663-2400 x116
> Michael Bender, Mercury Policy Project, 802-223-9000
> Dean Menke, Environmental Defense, 202-387-3500 x138
> Groups Applaud Similar Call To Ford By State Attorneys General
> (July 2, 2001 -- Washington)  The Clean Car Campaign, with the support
> of 26 environmental organizations, today called on Ford and other
> automakers to remove toxic mercury from vehicles in for service,
> repair, or recall.  The Campaign also endorses a similar call by 26
> state attorneys general urging Ford to remove mercury-containing
> devices as part of their Firestone tire recall. Mercury is a potent
> toxic chemical that causes brain, lung and kidney damage in humans.
> The substance has been used in switches for hood and trunk convenience
> lighting, and in other devices, becoming a contaminant when vehicles
> are scrapped.
> The Clean Car Campaign today sent letters to the heads of Ford,
> DaimlerChrysler and GM asking the auto industry to show leadership in
> getting the toxic substance out of the environment by having dealers
> remove switches for free when vehicles come in for service.  "It's
> time for automakers to take responsibility for the environmental
> hazards of their vehicles," said Charles Griffith, Auto Project
> Director at the Ecology Center.  "By replacing these mercury switches
> they can protect the environment and consumers with a simple,
> affordable fix."
> Twenty-six state attorneys general today sent a letter to Ford's
> Chairman and CEO (William Clay Ford, Jr. and Jacques Nasser) asking
> the company to replace mercury lighting switches in vehicles recalled
> to replace Firestone tires. "New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
> and the other attorneys general should be commended for their
> leadership in promoting a workable plan to recover automotive
> mercury," said Michael Bender, Director of the Mercury Policy Project.
> The AG's recommended replacements would remove up to 2.5 tons of
> mercury from the environment.   "Ford could show real leadership among
> automakers by replacing not just the tires but also the toxic
> mercury," said Dean Menke, an engineer with Environmental Defense.
> Concerns about exposure to mercury have grown in recent years, with
> many states and stores banning mercury thermometers.  More than forty
> states have issued fish consumption advisories for mercury, and the
> National Academy of Sciences 2000 mercury report found that more than
> 60,000 children may suffer from exposure to mercury while the womb.
> Mercury can cause neurological problems that range from mild learning
> disabilities to mental retardation.  The most recent data from the
> Centers for Disease Control indicates that as many as one in ten women
> of childbearing age are at risk of having newborns with neurological
> problems.
> Despite growing concerns about the fate of mercury devices now
> contained in automobiles, very little has been done to date to rectify
> the problem, and automakers have generally pushed the problem off on
> auto dismantlers to deal with.  The Campaign proposes a national
> program for collecting up to 90% of the mercury switches now on the
> road, that includes working with both auto dealers and recyclers.  The
> plan seeks to maximize the recovery of mercury by getting automakers
> to start with their own dealers to remove and replace the switches
> whenever a vehicle is brought in to be serviced or is recalled.
> The Campaign released two reports earlier this year that document the
> continued use of mercury in automobiles and show automobiles to be one
> of the nation's largest sources of airborne mercury emissions, just
> behind power plants and incinerators.  Estimates suggest that up to 10
> tons of toxic mercury may be released each year when vehicles are
> scrapped; nearly 200 tons of mercury are contained in vehicles
> currently on the road.  The full text of the studies, as well as the
> letters being sent today, can be found at:
> http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/mercury.html
> The Clean Car Campaign is a national campaign coordinated by state,
> regional and national environmental organizations promoting a clean
> revolution in the motor vehicle industry.  For more information,
> please visit the campaign's website, at:
> http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/
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