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E-M:/ Michigan and the World's biggest Nuke Dump on Lake Huron

Enviro-Mich message from Kay Cumbow <jcumbow@greatlakes.net>

Dear EnviroMich Members,

The postings on Bruce nuclear wastes were in direct
response to Anne Woiwode's posting to EM on Wednesday,
June 27, 2001 11:04 PM titled:

Subject: E-M:/ World's biggest Nuke Dump on Lake Huron??

and has to do mainly with

A.) ongoing likely transboundary pollution of Lake Huron - which 
Michigan borders - from the Bruce site with

     1.) current incineration of "low" and
	  "intermediate"-level radioactive
         wastes from all Ontario nuclear
         reactors, (12 operating,
         soon to be 16 with restart of 4
         reactors shut down in 1997!!)
         Reportedly, the incinerator burns only
         when the wind is blowing toward Lake
         Huron!!! (and Michigan!!) and

     2.) airborne and waterborne
         emissions of tritium (radioactive
         hydrogen in the form of radioactive
         water ["tritiated water"]) from
         plants at the Bruce site (4
         operating, 2 more restarting) -
         as well as

     3.) potential transboundary pollution from a
         huge (700,000 fuel bundles) proposed
         "high"-level nuclear waste graveyard
         (dry storage site) that Michigan residents
         ought well to be concerned with, (and I
         believe should have a right to comment on.)

In connection with point #3, I feel Michigan citizens
ought to be able to comment on the actual proposal,
not the sham proposal put out to the Canadian public
to mislead them (and us.)

There is no safe place to put these "high-level"
wastes, nor  a safe way to transport them. Why must Great Lakes 
citizens allow continued generation of these deadly wastes 
which last forever?  In principle, there is enough radioactive
poison in these wastes to contaminate Georgian Bay,
Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan.

I posted Gordon Edwards' letter to E-M as it lists
excellent information sources, especially the 
URL reference from the First Nation Chippewas of
Nawash brief with specific details on the "high"-level 
waste proposal, including: radionuclides in the
fuel rods, known human health hazards, and also citing
key facts such as current tritium contamination 
in Lake Huron fish near Bruce: 97 Bequerels/Litre, 
97 times greater than fish caught near Darlington 
nuclear plant!!

Also Michigan DEQ's site lists the Office of the Great Lakes' Lake Huron
Initiative, which lists tritium as a critical pollutant in Lake Huron, and
lists Bruce as a site to be monitored. See:
http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ogl/huron/1appendices.html Appendix A, where
tritium is listed last in the critical pollutants, and the map of Bruce is
the last map. 

Because Michigan is in the heart of the Great Lakes Basin,
I believe the radioactive events at the Bruce reactors
are relevant to the Michigan Environmental Community.

- Kay Cumbow

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