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Re: E-M:/ Talk Radio w/Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus

Regarding Dick Posthumus' comment on a "cost/benefit" analysis for the Great Lakes drilling question.  As we have seen over the history of the Engler Administration when it comes to environmentally important decisions (with the willing help of Posthumus), the costs of natural resource damaging projects are foisted on the public and the environment while the benefits accrue to private entities.  Privatize benefits, socialize costs.  Remember that when Dick tells Michiganders whether or not he favors drilling for oil under the Great Lakes. 
Dave Zaber
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Matthew Ferguson's guest on WKAR today was Lieutenant Governor Dick
Posthumus.  The webcast of the interview can be found at:


Towards the beginning he makes some general statements about the
environment (around minute 7:00).  He then gets the drilling below the
Great Lakes question (at minute 41:00).  His answer "he needs to do a
cost/benefit analysis", and that he will make his decision in the next
couple of weeks ..... stay tuned.

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