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Re: E-M:/ A smoggy "clean air day"

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

M-24 from auburn hills to the gravel pits of Oxford is one of the most 
hideous corridors of diesal truck fuel pollution in the state...hands down.   
Long ago the corridor was for transport of produce from farms in the greater 
thumb area to the Detroit area.  There was supposed to be a traffic study 
done, which we intiated with state, federal and local munincipalities, but 
has gone nowhere.  This corridor has undoubtably contributed to higher 
pollution in oakland county. 

This corridor is feeding the development of all of detroit and surrounding 
areas.  The Gravel Pits in the greater oxford area are THE source for 
relentless sprawl.   A green orange haze hangs eerily every single day over 
M-24.   The two tank gravel haulers really spew the diesal fumes out.  They 
roll in an incessant stream day in and day out.  One has no choice but to use 
air conditioning when traveling it, or risk passing out or equivalent of 
smoking 12 packs of smokes a day or something.  It is insane and hard to 
believe that people are willing to put up with it.  

Murray Dailey

There was no MDEQ Ozone action declaration
for today (Monday)....but that didn't stop those
enterprising O3 molecules....

....With unvalidated data showing ambient concentrations
over the level of the new health standard for
Coloma, Kalamazoo, Detroit 7 mile road, and Warren


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