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Enviro-Mich message from "Upton, Brian" <BUPTON@mail.gtbindians.com>

South Fox Island has seen quite a bit of action over the past week.  Last
Thursday, Senators Levin and Stabenow successfully added an amendment to the
Senate version of the fiscal year 2002 Interior appropriations bill.  The
amendment would require specific Congressional authorization prior to any
federal approval of a land exchange on South Fox Island.  Since that
language was not included in the House version of the bill, we now have to
ensure that the language survives the conference committee (where the House
and Senate resolve their differences in the legislation before forwarding
the bill to the White House).

Following are links to recent articles on the issue:

1) Indian Country Today.  Indian Country Today is a weekly newspaper that,
in its current print edition and online, has an article that will now put
people around the country on notice of the Band's issues concerning the
DNR's controversial South Fox Island land exchange proposal.  For those of
you who aren't familiar with Indian Country Today, it's the pre-eminent
national media source on Indian issues in the United States.  It began in
South Dakota as the Lakota Times and quickly grew to fill the media vacuum
in Indian issues; it is now very widely read.  Its article on South Fox
focuses on the tribal members' concerns:


2) Traverse City Record-Eagle.  Below is a link to the article from the
Saturday (July 14th) Record-Eagle that discusses the Senate passage of the
amendment which - if it is signed into law - would prevent the Interior
Department from approving any land transfer on South Fox during fiscal year
2002 unless it has specific Congressional authorization.  Includes quotes
from some key persons on Michigan's Congressional delegation, including
Republican Peter Hoekstra:


3)  The State News.  The State News has printed the first in what is to be a
series of articles on South Fox Island and the many issues which are
involved.  Judging from the first article, it should be a very good series. 


4) George Weeks.  I was unable to find George Weeks' column from 7/15 on
either the Detroit News or Traverse City Record-Eagle websites this morning.
I did read it online on the Detroit News website on Sunday, so it should
still be available there somewhere.  He wrote a very good column that also
serves as a concise history lesson on how proposed sales/exchanges of state
properties on South Fox Island have consistently been rejected by DNR
officials and staff in the past (calling into question why Engler's DNR is
so adamant about this proposal when the public is almost unanimous in its
	Weeks' column was more extensive in the Record-Eagle version.  The
Detroit News carried an abbreviated version, but it was given excellent
placement and was incorporated into a larger theme of state v. federal
control of Great Lakes issues.  Both Senator Stabenow and Governor Engler
had written op-ed pieces, focusing on Great Lakes drilling and their
respective opinions on state vs. federal control.  If any of you still have
access to either the Record-Eagle or Detroit News Sunday editions, you will
want to check out Weeks' column.

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