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E-M:/ Rogers, Ehlers and Abraham Pitching the Bush Energy Plan

Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>

Michigan Sierra Club
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July16, 2001					   or Alison Horton

Rogers, Ehlers, and Abraham Called on to Tell the Truth
While Pitching the Bush Energy Plan

Lansing, MI—The Sierra Club called on Michigan Representatives Rogers and
Ehlers and Energy Secretary Abraham to tell the truth about the Plan as they
embark on weeklong effort to pitch the Bush Energy Plan and boost the
proposal’s sagging public support.  Both Representative Ehlers and Rogers
have energy related events scheduled for today as a part of a nationwide GOP
"energy plan blitz."

“The Bush plan pushes more coal burning power plants, opens the door for
drilling the Great Lakes for oil and calls for weakening clear air
standards,” said Dan Farough, Sierra Club spokesperson.  “Rogers, Ehlers and
Abraham need to tell people that the Bush plan is bad for Michigan because
it means more mercury contamination in our Great Lakes, more asthma-related
illness and deaths, and potential oil related accidents on our shoreline.”

Coal-fired power plants are the leading source of mercury emissions in the
Great Lakes States, forcing health departments to place fish consumption
advisories on every lake in Michigan.  Mercury contamination damages the
nervous system, brain, kidney and liver and is especially toxic to fetuses.
“Weakening clean air standards, building more coal power plants, and
drilling the Great Lakes is not going to help clean up the Great Lakes or
protect our Tourism industry,” said Alison Horton, Sierra Club’s Midwest
Regional Director.  “This energy plan rewards the energy industry by putting
Michigan’s public health at risk.  That’s not right and Representatives
Rogers and Ehlers need to stand up to Bush and tell him ‘no’.”

A recent peer-reviewed report by EPA’s experts shows polluting coal power
plants create soot particle pollution that causes more than 30,000 premature
deaths per year, twice as many as are caused by guns. In Michigan dirty coal
fired power plants cause 871 premature deaths each year and cause 18,500
asthma attacks.  Cleaning up the polluting power plants instead of building
more of them could reduce this by at least 75%. Source: “Death, Disease, and
Dirty Power,” www.cleartheair.org/fact/mortality.

“Instead of an energy plan that rewards the oil and gas industry and
encourages more coal and nuclear plants, we need one that gives us better
choices,” said Farough.  The Sierra Club advocates for a balanced plan that
adequately funds renewable and efficiency programs, improves transmission
lines, increases fuel efficiency so cars and trucks can go farther on a
gallon and protects the environment.  See www.sierraclub.org for more
information on a balanced energy plan.


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