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E-M:/ Re: Disease forces removal of trees along I-75

Enviro-Mich message from HAMILTREEF@aol.com

I'm finding it difficult to get help to change the monoculture of a red pine 
stand on my own wildlife area on the White River in Muskegon County.  I have 
about eight acres of mature tall red pine rows and several other adjacent 
stands of scotch pine and I cannot persuade any loggers to harvest any of my 
timber or take the chips.  I would not object to a few tall scattered trees 
to show the visitors, but I would like the other plant diversity to get some 
sunlight.  I asked for no timber or chip profits just to help the loggers and 
still can't give them away.  My property is enrolled in a plan under the DNR 
Stewardship Incentive Program (SIP) and as usual the DNR has no money to help 
the SIP participants.

As urban sprawl breaks up the landscape into smaller pieces with more 
individual property owners, the loggers are abandoning sections of red pine 
stands because they cannot come into easy 40 or 80-acre blocks to harvest all 
at once.  Many urban dwellers do not recognize timber monoculture (they think 
red pine plantations are neat row forest) and it is almost impossible 
organize scattered small landowners to possibly put together a combined sale 
for the loggers.  This will be my third year of trying to get my timber 
harvested.  If there are any loggers in West Michigan looking for some red 
pine logs or pine chips, please send them my way.  Thanks.

Thomas E. Hamilton
Hamilton Wildlife Area
2785 Weesies Road
Montague, MI 49437

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