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E-M:/ Fw: Great Lakes diversions

Thought you may be interested in this short bibliography regarding diversion of Great Lakes waters.

Dave Zaber

>Here is a list of articles, drawn from law reviews, that discuss the
>diversion of the Great Lakes for sanitation and navigation purposes.

>Bruce Barker, "Lake diversion at Chicago," Case Western Reserve Journal of
>International Law 18 (1986), 203-218. [essential timeline of dates in Great
>Lakes diversion history re Chicago]
>Michael J. Donahue, Alicia A. Bixby, and David Siebert, "Great Lakes
>diverstion and consumptive use: the issue in perspective," Case Western
>Reserve Journal of International Law 18 (1986), 19-48.
>International Waterways Commission, Report Upon the Drainage Canal, War
>Department Document No. 293 (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1907)
>[contains reprints of Canadian government documents]
>J. David Prince, "State control of Great Lakes water diversion," William
>Mitchell Law Review 16 (Winter 1990), 107-170.
>A. Dan Tarlock, "Inter and intrastate usage of Great Lakes waters: a legal
>overview," Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 18
>(1986), 67-108.
>Robert W. Tubbs, "Great Lakes water diversion: federal authority over Great
>Lakes water," Detroit College of Law Review 3 (1983), 919-942.