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E-M:/ Fwd: MPSC-Press-Release: July 25, 2001-Consumers Energy Granted Authority to Establish an Optional Renewable Resources Program, U-13029

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>Subject: MPSC-Press-Release: July 25, 2001-Consumers Energy Granted 
>Authority to Establish an Optional Renewable Resources Program, U-13029
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>                              MPSC PRESS RELEASE
>                              ------------------
>COMMISSIONERS                                                 CONTACTS
>Laura Chappelle, Chairman                                      Dorothy Wideman
>David A. Svanda                                                Mary Jo Kunkle
>Robert B. Nelson                                              517.241.6160
>LANSING, July 25.  The Michigan Public Service Commission today granted 
>Energy Company authority to establish an optional program designed to 
>encourage the use of
>renewable resources.  The Commission approved Consumers' 3-year Green 
>Power Pilot
>Program that will encourage the development of new, zero-emissions 
>renewable generation
>resources in Michigan through the use of wind, solar rays, or other 
>acceptable forms of
>renewable energy resources.
>The program will be available to all of Consumers' residential, 
>commercial, and industrial
>customers.  Program participants will be able to purchase increments of 
>10, 50, and 100
>percent of their energy from certified generators of renewable energy.  A 
>green surcharge and
>an administration fee was approved at $.0032 per kWh for the 10 percent 
>option, $.016 per
>kWh for the 50 percent option, and $.032 per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the 
>100 percent option.
>Consumers also received authority to treat certain costs as regulatory assets.
>The Commission supports the development of renewable energy sources and 
>finds this application reasonable and in the public interest.  Consumers 
>must file tariff sheets
>consistent with those approved by the Commission within 30 days.
>Consumers Energy is headquartered in Jackson, Michigan and provides 
>electric services to
>more than 1.6 million customers statewide.
>The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and Industry Services.
>Case No. U-13029
>July 25, 2001
>(Consumers Energy granted authority to establish an optional renewable 
>resources program)
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