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E-M:/ Bonior Arsenic Amendment

Title: Bonior Arsenic Amendment

This is the Press Release we sent out today after the vote.

News From       . . .                   David E. Bonior
                                        Michigan - 10th District       


Democratic Whip's amendment would drastically reduce

amount of arsenic permitted in drinking water

July 27, 2001                                   Contact:  Mark Fisk (810) 469-3232

        Democratic Whip David Bonior's amendment compelling the Environmental Protection Agency to implement tougher standards on arsenic in drinking water passed the U.S. House today on a vote of 218 to 189.

        "This bipartisan victory is a significant step toward making our drinking water safer and cleaner," Bonior said. "Arsenic is odorless, colorless, insidious and deadly.  It has absolutely no place in our drinking water."

        The Bonior Amendment to the VA-HUD appropriations bill prevents the EPA from weakening or delaying arsenic standards implemented by the Clinton Administration.  These standards reduce the level of arsenic in drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion.

        "The Bush Administration has been dragging its feet on reducing arsenic levels in our drinking supply," Bonior said. "This vote sends a message: When people turn on the kitchen faucet, they ought to be able to drink what comes out without fear that they are being poisoned."

        The  National Academy of Sciences contends that the current arsenic standard of 50 parts per billion, developed in 1942,  is woefully out of date.  A 1999 Academy study found that exposure to arsenic in drinking water causes lung, bladder and skin cancer.

        "The science is compelling, which explains why the 10 parts per billion standard has been adopted in most other countries," Bonior said.