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E-M:/ Press Release: Bush Energy Map - Illustration of Increased Air Pollution, Destroyed Wild Areas, and Threatened Communities

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For Immediate Release						For More Information:
July 31, 2001							Daniel Farough (517) 484-2372
									Vicki Levengood (517) 333-5786
Michigan Groups Release Map of
Bush Energy Plan Destruction

Illustration of Increased Air Pollution, Destroyed Wild Areas
and Threatened Communities in Nation and State

Lansing, MI - The Sierra Club, PIRGIM, NET and the Michigan Environmental
Council released a map today illustrating how President Bush's energy plan
could touch millions of American families by increasing air pollution,
destroying wild areas, and threatening communities with new coal fired power
plants, oil drilling in coastal areas and nuclear reactors. Here in
Michigan, the groups oppose increasing air pollution by potentially adding
dozens of new power plants that are not necessary and drilling for oil and
gas in the Great Lakes because there are quicker, cleaner, cheaper and safer

"President Bush's energy plan virtually ignores efficiency and renewable
options and instead infects America with the power plant measles, as this
map illustrates," said Dan Farough, Program Director of the Sierra Club.
"Study after study indicates we can better meet our energy needs and protect
the environment with efficiency, renewables and foresight.”  A study
conducted by the Department of Energy illustrates a powerful alternative to
the President’s proposal.  The Clean Energy Future report can be downloaded
at: http://www.ornl.gov/ORNL/Energy_Eff/CEF.html

“The Bush energy plan is particularly threatening to Michigan.  “Michigan is
too polluted as it is, we don't need to dig, drill and destroy the Great
Lakes for a paltry amount of oil and gas,” said Brian Imus, Michigan Field
Director for PIRGIM.  “We can choose another vision for Michigan  and the
country, and it's one that protects our health and environment for future

The groups released the new map, "Power Failure: America's Energy Future
Doesn't Have to Look Like This" in 12 cities today where the Bush
Administration's plan would exacerbate air pollution or destroy a local
outdoor treasure.  The President's plan calls for 1,300 new power plants by
2020. The map shows how the country could look if we spread the new power
plants roughly evenly around the country. The map also shows the sites of
existing nuclear power plants, many of which could be threatened with new
reactors. In addition, 21 wild lands are threatened from oil and gas
development interests of the Bush Administration.
“Air pollution and asthma are growing at alarming rates because of
coal-fired power plants,” said Vicki Levengood of NET.  “Children of the
next generation will hold us responsible is we make the wrong energy choices
today.  By increasing our energy efficiency, expanding our use of clean
renewable energy and increasing production responsibly, we can give our
children a brighter future.”

A Department of Energy study shows that the nation can avoid the need for
approximately 610 of the new power plants with energy efficiency measures
and another 180 plants by using renewable energy. The United States could
meet remaining demand by replacing old, dirty coal-fired power plants with
new cleaner, high efficiency natural gas plants. “Studies by Department of
Energy clearly show that there are quicker, cleaner, cheaper and safer
alternatives to the plan the President is proposing, but it means standing
up to big oil and mining companies,” said Farough.  The President's plan
also calls for an expansion of nuclear power, yet there is no safe way to
store the thousands of metric tons of dangerous radioactive waste that
already exists from nuclear plants. In addition, taxpayers will have to
shoulder the burden of huge federal subsidies required to keep nuclear
plants in operation.

The Sierra Club, NET, PIRGIM and MEC call for a cleaner, quicker, cheaper
and safer energy plan than proposed by President Bush. Increases in fuel
economy would save consumers billions of dollars at the gas pump and
billions of barrels of oil.  “The single most important step we can take to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our energy security is making
cars go further on a gallon of gas,” said James Clift, Policy Director of
MEC. “Isn’t it great that a strong environmental and energy policy is also
the surest way to save consumers money at the pump.”  Increasing energy
efficiency of appliances and buildings would reduce electricity demand and
lower pollution from power plants that provide electricity. Investments in
wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable technologies can help meet our
energy needs and protect the environment. The groups also support increasing
production of oil and gas responsibly, while saving the wildlands Americans

Sierra Club 517-484-2372, Michigan Environmental Council 517-487-9539,
National Environmental Trust 517-333-5786, PIRGIM 734-662-6597


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