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E-M:/ Integrated Transboundry Water Management Conference

Enviro-Mich message from Jennifer Read <jread@glc.org>

Posted on behalf of Bruce Kirschner.

Integrated Transboundry Water Management Conference - A Special Joint
Conference of EWRI, CEIWR and UCOWR, Traverse City, Michigan, July
23-26, 2002 -- CALL FOR PAPERS

Water resources heed no jurisdictional boundaries. This incontrovertible
fact can produce complications in the management of transboundary water
resources. A stream can flow across boundaries, or perhaps form the
boundary between two political entities, each with differing needs,
legal systems and cultures. Numerous jurisdictions may depend upon a
lake for water supplies, waste disposal, transportation and food. A
single aquifer system can  underlie numerous jurisdictions, with its
discharge areas in one jurisdiction and recharge areas in others, and
abstraction all throughout the extent of its area. Even if political
entities are on friendly terms, their different cultures, political
systems, laws and management objectives
can exacerbate efforts to achieve sustainable management of
transboundary waters.

The transboundary aspects of water bodies can lead to conflict between
jurisdictions, be they states, nations, provinces, municipalities, or
Indian reservations. But transboundary water resources can also promote
peace and accommodation, as jurisdictions that share a common water
resource realize that cooperation is the only way to ensure resource
protection and sustainability.

Join us on the shores of the Great Lakes, which, along with the St.
Lawrence River, borders eight states, two provinces and two countries,
as we explore the technical, cultural, legal, economic, social and
political facets of  integrated transboundary water management.

Conference Topics

Integration of Different Cultures
• Academic
• Public
• Legal
• Socioeconomic
• Political
• Effects on management, analysis and decision-making

Transboundary Water Resources
• Legal systems
• Regulatory/enforcement frameworks
• Water transfers
• Interjurisdictional governance
• Sustainability
• Ecosystems
• Conflicts
• Cooperation
• Compacts and agreements

Transboundary Water Quantity and Water Quality Issues
• Cross-boundary contamination
• Effects of global change
• Resources assessment
• Case studies

For complete information, visit our website at

Electronic submission of Abstracts is preferred. Abstracts should be
limited to 500 words or less. They may be submitted on the website
http://www.uwin.siu.edu/ucowr/, or via e-mail to ucowr2002@siu.edu in
either Word Perfect or Microsoft Word
format. Instructions for final papers will be sent along with
notification of acceptance.  Deadline for submission of abstracts:
October 1, 2001.

Mail: EWRI of ASCE
2002 Conference
1015 15th Street, NW, Suite 600
Washington, D.C. 20005
Fax: 202-789-0212
Phone: 202-789-2200
E-mail: ewri@asce.org

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