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Enviro-Mich message from Kay Cumbow <jcumbow@greatlakes.net>

Note: Folks on The Walk will be at Niagra Falls this weekend, and are
averaging approximately 50 miles a day.


"We were told to speak out for the things that cannot
speak for themselves, for the animals, the fish, the
winged ones, the plants and herbs, the water, air and
the Earth."
-Butch Stone
Bad River Anishinabe
Migration Journey organizer

This summer walkers will embark on a 2,200 mile
journey following the ancient Anishinabek migration
route from the St. Lawrence River  to Madeline Island
in Lake Superior. The Migration Journey for the
Seventh Generation is a call for unity to all peoples
to stand against the pollution and contamination of
the Great Lakes. Our mission is to reach out and
educate all people about protecting the waters, and
restoring the earth's natural balance for seven
generations to come. ways.
Along the route the walkers will stop in communities
that are affected by toxic threats to our environment,
to network, share stories, and pray together, thereby
creating a spiritual and political unity of all
peoples for one common goal.  .
The Migration Journey is a continuation of the work
began during last year's walk around Lake Superior: A
Walk to Remember.  During the walk it became apparent
that many communities are affected by the
contamination of their waterways and watersheds, from
human and animal waste to PCB and mercury
contamination. It also became apparent that a
multitude of corporations contribute to the
environmental degradation of the Great Lakes,
destroying the  health of the communities dependent
upon this system of water ways
 The Migration Journey is a widening of the circle
that was created with last year's walk.. The Migration
Journey will retrace the ancient steps of the
Anishinabe ancestors' migration route with  seven
stopping places which are spoken about in prophecies:
St. Lawrence River,  Niagara Falls, Detroit River,
Manitoulin Island, Sault Ste. Marie, Duluth and
Madeline Island. In consultation with spiritual
elders, at each of the seven stops, fires will be lit
and ceremonies will be conducted, along with applying
the prophecies we were given at these stops to the
state of the environment today. As well, events will
be organized at each stopping place, where the local
community will be called upon to share their stories,
concerns and prayers for the waters in their areas.
The Migration Journey is  about bringing people
together to find solutions around the Great Lakes to
live sustainably.

Contact Kevin Best for interview opportunities
1 888 371-0057/416 600 7023-pager

Map of Anishinabe (Ojibwe) Migration Journey
http://www.alphacdc.com/treaty/common/migration.gif or

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