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E-M:/ Inkster city officials verbally berate environmentally concerned

Enviro-Mich message from Darryl Braun <darrylrich@yahoo.com>

The controversial Meadows development in Inkster was
unanimously approved by the Inkster City Council
Monday night. C.U.F.A. (Communities United for Action)
and numerous citizens opposed to the destruction of a
contested wetland rose to express their concerns, not
only for the destruction of the wetland which C.U.F.A.
contends was underflagged to escape DEQ regulation,
but also regarding doubts about the viability and
safety of the development. Many were concerned that
the Council was "rushing to judgement", approving the
proposed subdivision without adequate analysis of the
details, simply on the assumption it will increase the
City's tax base.

For the first time since the controversy unfolded more
than two years ago, the Council was forthcoming with
the opportunity for those opposed to the development
to pose questions. Apparently, this rare "cordiality"
resulted from the presence of television media at the
meeting. However, as was the usual fashion, the
Council and Mayor were far less than forthcoming with
answers to those probing questions (infrastructure,
traffic impact, drainage, water pressure, etc.).

Most disturbingly, once the media departed the
session, the Mayor, Council and supporters of the
destruction and development unleashed a tirade of
vitriolic verbal condemnations of environmentalists
and those who merely raised questions regarding
legitimate environmental concerns.

The Mayor, Hilliard Hampton, and a number of
Councilpersons accused the environmentalists of being
outsiders coming in to dictate city policy to locals
(though everyone present who opposed the development
was a resident, with the exception of three or four
who live across the street in Dearborn Heights, who
will be directly affected by the traffic impact of the
new subdivision), and of being "selfish". Hampton
informed a Channel 50 reporter that "they have had
those woods long enough. It is time to develop them". 

In addition to acknowledging that the opposition
posed, yet did not receive answers to integral
questions regarding technical concerns for the
subdivision, the Mayor and Council made manifest their
official belief that environmentally concerned
citizens are necessarily opposed to municipal progress
and that every tree, plant, and animal must be
sacrificed wantonly in the name of sprawl.

C.U.F.A. implores residents of Michigan to fax or
contact Inkster city officials to express their dismay
over this official condemnation of anyone expressing
environmental concerns. Contact the Inkster Mayor and
Council at 313 563-4232 or by fax at 313 563-9844. The
fight to save this beautiful wetland will continue.
Contact C.U.F.A. for more details at 313 277-1466. 


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