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E-M:/ Current Smog Episode

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At 3 pm today, New Haven in north macomb county is the
most polluted area of Michigan at 121 ppb, one hour average.

Content below is from MDEQ Air Quality Division, Air Quality
Evaluation Unit....



Wednesday and Thursday, August 8-9, are Ozone Action! Days.


Wednesday and Thursday, August 8-9 are Ozone Action! Days.

                               OZONE ACTION! WEATHER SUMMARY

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

The last of the uglies...

The high-pressure system over the Great Plains continues to weaken as it 
moves eastward. This has allowed a low-pressure
system over Manitoba to intensify and dig a little southward. The first bit 
of evidence of this low that we'll see in the Great
Lakes region is an increase in winds. By tomorrow afternoon expect the 
winds to be southwesterly and in the 15-20 mile per
hour range. Unfortunately, while these winds spell the beginning of the 
end, they aren't going to be enough to halt ozone
production tomorrow. Temperatures will once again breach the 90-degree 
mark. Skies will be hazy. With plenty of background
ozone around, these conditions will likely be enough to push us up against 
the ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard.
Therefore, we are once again asking for Ozone Action activities to be 
conducted in both west and southeast Michigan

Either late on Thursday night or early on Friday morning, a cold front 
trailing from the Manitoba low will move through the
region and drop temperatures and humidity considerably. Temperatures will 
struggle to break 75 degrees Fahrenheit from
Friday through Tuesday. With all of the low- level moisture we have, we're 
certain to see some thunderstorms pop up Thursday
night and Friday morning. Exactly where these storms will occur and how 
much rain will result is more difficult to predict at this

Our next forecast will be on Thursday, August 9.

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