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E-M:/ Fw: Don't let Big Business blow smoke in your face!

Enviro-Mich message from "Lisa Wozniak" <lcvmi@igc.org>

I think there are probably some very talented folks among the subscribers of
Enviro-mich.  Please consider submitting your fine work to this contest!

> It's only been about 200 days since the President took office and we're
> already fed-up with the Administration's "drill, drill, drill, burn,
> burn, burn" energy policy.  How about you?
> This is your chance to really make a statement...and a difference.  AND
> win $4,999 from the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.
> Through the month of August, we're sponsoring an Online Animation and
> Video Contest.  The winner of the contest will be picked in early
> September by an esteemed panel of celebrity judges who care about the
> environment!  Jane Fonda, Ben Cohen (you know, the Ben & Jerry's
> founder) and Woody Harrelson.  You can get all the contest details at
> http://www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest
> <http://www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest> . We're not kidding!
> While the contest may be a lot of fun, the impact Bush's energy policies
> will have on our water, our air, our health, our quality of
> life....AREN'T very fun.  Want specifics?  Go to
> http://www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest
> <http://www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest> .  This contest is your
> chance to DO SOMETHING about it.
> Even if you aren't going to enter the contest, you can still take a
> stand by joining our e-mail Action Network at
> http://www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest
> <http://www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest> .  You can also help us
> fight back by sending this email on to all of your friends.
> Hurry!  Submissions are due by August 31st!
> Tell the President to put our interests above those of BIG Business!

Lisa Wozniak
Great Lakes Regaional Director
LCV Education Fund
208 1/2 South Fourth Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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