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E-M:/ Bottle Water -- it's crazy

Enviro-Mich message from "Blair J. Mc Gowan" <blairj@gatecom.com>

This bottled water thing is crazy.
It costs more than milk. More than Gasoline.
It approaches the cost of cigarettes.
Lower income people can not afford it.
It diverts the legitimate  demand for Clean Water and 
potable municipal water. And now, there is an issue 
that we are depleting aquifers, diverting water from 
the Great Lakes, etc..

Without trying to take anything from the public policy debate against
the Perrier’s, its time for some personal market action.

I have pulled out the canteen with a nylon cover and been carrying it 
in my car. I am looking for something more stylish with some 
insulation for family members who can’t bear the stares and guffaws 
I endure when I un-shoulder my camping gear.

But, I am flipping dollars into a box each day for my savings.  I will
decide if I am going to have to reinforce myself by  lavishing the
treasure upon myself, or if I am strong enough to donate it to some
cause that deals with issues on the edge of life and death.

Citizens can stop this craziness by stop buying water in bottles.
Already I look back at the good old days of the water craze, and I shake
my head at my personal foolishness.

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