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E-M:/ MPSC approves Consumers Renewable Energy Program

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@voyager.net>

As I understand this program, Consumers will purchase electricity from wind 
and solar generators and transmit it their customers who sign up for this 
program.  Consumers will not own the renewable generation, they will simply 
connect the generators to the users.  It is also my understanding that the 
price they will be paying the generators is competitive, so start call 
Consumers and tell them you want to purchase wind and solar generated 
electricity under their new renewable energy program.

(tariff revision)
Commissioner Nelson moved that the Commission adopt and issue order dated 
July 25,
2001 approving the application filed by Consumers Energy Company for 
authority to
establish an optional program designed to encourage the use of renewable 
as set forth in the order, Commissioner Svanda seconded.
Vote: Yeas - Chappelle, Svanda, Nelson
Nays - None
The order was adopted.
Commissioner Nelson commented that the Commission takes, very seriously, the
legislative requirement to develop the Renewable Energy Program and thinks 
program is a very important first step. He commended the Staff and others 
in the effort. Chairman Chappelle and Commissioner Svanda expressed 
agreement with
Commissioner Nelson's comments.

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