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Re: E-M:/ Needy (or is that greedy?) Waste Management Elbows Up to Trough

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 11:57 AM 8/17/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Terry Lodge <tjlodge50@yahoo.com>
> > Yesterday, the Michigan Strategic Fund Board
> > approved the issuance of $35
> > million worth of tax exempt bonds to Waste
> > Management of Michigan.
>    Folks, this is another one of those hidden
>corporate welfare travesties, shielded for the most
>part from public view, part of the business-as-usual
>mentality that grips Michigan (not to mention a whole
>lotta other places).

Oh Jeff and Terry, why are you guys being such
sticks in the mud about Waste Management, Inc?

Don't you know that this $35 public loan is
really a reward for Waste Management's efforts
to improve our political life in Michigan?

WM has actually formed the WASTE MANAGEMENT

...why those WM guys are superhuman volunteers....after
spending a long day on the landfill dozer and
at the weighing station, those WM employees still
have time to volunteer about making sure
Michigan citizens enjoy a better government for
our families and state!!

You can see complete reports about these acts
of political charity and largesse at:


Just consider that $35 million strategic fund loan
as just a small token of appreciation from all of the
citizens of Michigan for WM's actions to improve our
civic virtues in Michigan.

Now Jeff and Terry, have you given as much for
better government in Michigan????


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