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E-M:/ Today's Toledo Blade on John Engler & drilling

Enviro-Mich message from "Jack, Rita" <ritaj@umflint.edu>

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I'm sorry for this long copy&paste URL but you may be interested...

This is in today's Toledo Blade (www.toledoblade.com):

Our Opinion
Our fragile Great Lakes

Large bodies of water tend to overwhelm the average observer with
their seeming power. Yet, even the Atlantic Ocean is subject to the
adverse effects of human activity, and the same can certainly be said
of the Great Lakes, this regionís most precious natural resource.

So why would Michigan Gov. John Engler, whose state has long
considered itself
a "water wonderland," be willing to place the Great Lakes in further
jeopardy by
opening them to more oil and natural gas exploration? Is he looking
for a way to
ingratiate himself with those Houston oilers who are running the White
Maybe he has his eye on a federal job......"

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