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E-M:/ Sprawling of America: Saturday Night

**************   SATURDAY NIGHT    *****************

Due to phenomenal response to the first airing of "The Sprawling
of America," Detroit Public Television (Channel 56) is
re-broadcasting the documentary series this Saturday,
August 25th, from 8-10 pm.

"The Sprawling of America" is the first documentary series
produced by the Great Lakes Television Consortium (GLTV).
"The Sprawling of America" is a two-part, two-hour series that
examines the devastating social, economic, and environmental
impacts of sprawl on urban and rural communities.  Over the
two hours, this series will document how America
grew from cities to suburbs, how that movement changed society,
and how suburban communities are now re-evaluating their quality of life.

Visit the Great Lakes Television Consortium's website
at gltv.org for an in-depth look at "The Sprawling of America."
You can view both documentaries in their entirety on the site.
The website also features question and answer
sessions with GLTV producers, complete transcripts of all
interviews, video interview excerpts, a photo essay about sprawl,
bibliographies and links to related source materials, staff and crew
bios, and a secure server to purchase the documentaries online.

You can also call our toll free number to purchase "The Sprawling
of America": (888) 258-9866.

For $39.95, you'll receive the two-hour documentary series on
one VHS tape, and a press kit containing information about
the Great Lakes Television Consortium, quotes from the films,
and crew and producer bios.