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It was my incredible, great good fortune that I got to accompany Betty 
Wills, wildlife videographer extraordinaire, on shooting footage for the 
video "Lake Sturgeon: Dinosaurs of the Great Lakes", produced by the 
Earthwave Society. This describes the sturgeon research project as it was 
two summers ago. During the making of this video I took a lot of photos, and 
spent a whole day out on the Channel Cat (the state-owned research trawler). 
We also were permitted in the Belle Isle Aquarium after hours. What a fun 
summer vacation!

We have a copy of the video in our offices here at WMEAC if anyone wants to 
drop by and view it; there is more about this video here>>>>  

It makes no sense that, while we recognize that sturgeon are a species in 
great distress, we consider they are still available for "harvest". I took a 
lot of very saddening pictures of the butchering of huge sturgeon and the 
harvesting of pounds and pounds of caviar, along with smoked sturgeon in the 
deli case (smoked dinosaur, anyone?). When we visited the Wolf River 
Hatchery to get more footage, they were raising millions of sturgeon fry 
there. Gobys may be eating sturgeon eggs, but  we humans ought to have sense 
enough to stop.

Patricia Pennell
Water Quality Specialist
Adopt-A-Stream program
West Michigan Environmental Action Council
1514 Wealthy SE Suite 280
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
fax 616-451-3054

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Interesting article featuring the work of the
MDNR Fisheries Division in Lake St. Clair with


For embryonic fisheries biologists out there at
MSU and UM...this is as good as it gets!!

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