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E-M:/ Local Environmental Group welcomes appointment of IJC Director

Enviro-Mich message from Citizens Environment Alliance <cea@mnsi.net>

September 5, 2001

Local Environmental Group welcomes appointment of IJC Director

The Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario welcomes the
appointment of Dr. Gail Krantzberg as Director of the International Joint
Commission (IJC) Great Lakes Regional Office in Windsor, Ontario.  

Dr. Krantzberg is a Great Lakes scientist who recognizes the need for
scientific monitoring and accurate reporting throughout the basin.  Dr.
Krantzberg also understands the importance of working with community groups
in the Great Lakes’ Areas of Concern (most polluted areas) as she did in
Collingwood Harbour with the Collingwood Harbour Remedial Action Plan (RAP).

The Detroit River will be a challenge for her expertise and commitment in
what can only be described as an ongoing dereliction of duty; governments
on both sides continue to dismiss or downplay the need to clean up one of
North America's most polluted waterways.  

“With so many problems and so many government agencies, the planning and
implementation of the clean up for the Detroit River is clearly one of the
most complex in the Great Lakes basin,” commented Shawn Hupka, President of
the Citizens Environment Alliance.  “Yet, partly because of the IJC’s
failure to fulfill its “watchdog” role, it is now a symbol of public
frustration with government inaction in the Great Lakes.”

Historically, the IJC Great Lakes Regional Office in Windsor played a
significant role in the technical review of government plans to clean up
the Great Lakes.  Recently, because of weak management and inadequate
expertise at the Windsor Regional Office, IJC involvement in Great Lakes
Restoration programs has been little more than negligible. 

“The CEA anticipates that Dr. Krantzberg will reinvigorate Windsor’s
Regional Office and work to bring measurable environmental benefits for the
Detroit River,” said Lisa Tulen, Vice President of the CEA.  “The IJC needs
to once again play an active role in cleaning up the Detroit River which is
in the Regional Office’s backyard.”

The IJC Great Lakes Regional Office is located at the corner of Ouellette
Avenue and Riverside Drive in downtown Windsor. 
…less than 100 metres from the river.

The Citizens Environment Alliance (CEA) is a non-profit, grass roots,
bi-national, education and research organization.  The CEA has been
involved in the Remedial Action Plan process to clean up of the Detroit
River since it began in 1986.  

Gail Krantzberg will be a guest speaker on the CEA’s Fourth Annual Boat
Tour of the Detroit River.

The tour starts at noon on Saturday, September 22, 2001.  Tickets are still

For more information contact Shawn Hupka at the Citizens Environment
Alliance (519) 973-1116.

Citizens Environment Alliance of southwestern Ontario and southeast Michigan
P.O. Box 548, Windsor, Ontario,  N9A 6M6, Canada
phone: (519) 973-1116 -- fax: (519) 973-8360


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