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E-M:/ MDEQ taking over air stuff in Wayne County

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

A Conference Regarding the
Assumption of Air Quality Management in Wayne County by the Michigan 
Department of Environmental Quality

Friday, September 14, 2001
1 - 4 p.m.
at the
Detroit Regional Chamber
19th Floor, One Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI (between Griswold and Woodward 
Ave. and between Larned and Jefferson Ave in Downtown Detroit).  See map on 

Sponsored by the Detroit Regional Chamber and East Michigan Chapter Air & 
Waste Management Association


The Wayne County Department of Environment has decided to turn over 
responsibility for managing air quality in Wayne County to the Michigan Air 
Quality Division of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

The transfer of responsibilities will be effective on October 1, 
2001.  From that day forward, all installation and renewable operating 
permit applications and negotiations, determinations of exempt equipment, 
air pollution reporting requirements, enforcement activities, etc., will be 
evaluated by the Michigan Air Quality Division.

Representatives of the Michigan Air Quality Division will introduce 
themselves, discuss their program for air quality management, and answer 
your questions.


Mr. Richard Johns, Deputy Chief, MAQD
Ms. Lynn Fiedler, Permit Section Chief, MAQD
Ms. Lillian Woolley, District Supervisor, Livonia District, MAQD
Ms. Wilhemina McLemore, Supervisor, Detroit Office, MAQD


1.      Introduction of Presenters

2.      Review of events that resulted in the transfer of the air 
management program in Wayne County to the State of Michigan

3.      Organization of  the Michigan Air Quality Division
a.      Responsibilities that exist in Lansing
b.      Responsibilities that exist in Livonia District Office
c.      Responsibilities that exist in Detroit Office
d.      Smoke School

4.      Review of Michigan rules and status of Wayne County Air Quality 
Management Ordinance and Administrative Rules and the Wayne County Civil 
Infraction Ordinance

5.      Procedures for Applying for and Negotiating Installation Permits 
and Exempt Determinations

6.      Procedures for Applying for and Negotiating Renewable Operating Permits

7.      Compliance and Enforcement Activities

8.      Questions and Answers


There is no fee for this conference.  But we request that you register by 
either completing the form below and faxing it to Mr. Sebastian Wade at 
313-964-0037, sending an e-mail to Mr. Wade at 'swade@detroitchamber.com', 
or calling Mr. Wade at 313-596-0399.  The offices of the Detroit Regional 
Chamber are located on the 19th floor at One Woodward Ave in Downtown 
Detroit.  Parking is available in nearby commercial parking lots, including 
the Griswold parking deck at the northeast corner of Griswold and Larned 
(entrance is on Griswold), Cobo parking, and other nearby decks and surface 

Registration Form for Air Quality Conference, Friday, September 14, 2001, 1 
- 4 p.m.



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