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Re: E-M:/ Surprise Garbage Inspections at Border

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

I guess your in the same position as the families that stand by waiting. Your 
either hardening over so you can stand the pain, and pressure, or you feel 
the same way as I do. But are helpless to do anything about it. 
So much of our Michigan Government structure is singular. For instance, I've 
seen many articles where the MDNR has made a recommendation, and citizens 
have pleaded, but one person at the top, the top decision maker, the top 
protector, has seen fit to make a decision contradictory to everyone else. 
Sends a terror down my spine every time Grant. 
I am sad more than angry about the happenings in NY. I am sad that the human 
race has not stepped up to the plate to be the care takers of this world. I 
am sad that any of us can behave this way. A handful represent the potential 
terror in all of us. I ma sad that we may act the same way in retaliation. 
Without regard for life, especially innocent life. Yet justice must be done, 
on that I hope we agree.
I also feel in all situations that there is a balance that occurs. I think 
some very good and positive things will come from this way too costly 
disaster. The people of NY are hugging each other. It may be temporary, it 
may start a change. We humans are intelligent, we can make change or revert 
to our laziest form. 
I am praying that you and other significant representatives will see the need 
for change. The need to work together with the citizens willing to spend so 
much time and energy as we do, without any compensation. Sorry, we would be 
compensated beyond money. Clean air, water, and earth, would be not only our 
reward, but our duty, and our right. We will have to give up some things. We 
may have to arrive earlier, stand in line longer. But we will feel and be 
safer. We may have to work side by side with the same person we argued with 
yesterday. But today is new and the vision has changed somehow, and we can 
respond by all working together.
Grant, I see a lot of similarities, as I have expressed. Are you ever fed up 
with the PROTECTION AGENCY? They bring terror to my heart. I hope your next 
answer is longer than "why does your response not surprise me." I had hoped 
for a little more passion. 
This weeks disaster should bring out our passion here in Michigan, and in our 
daily lives. The whole world is effected by the actions of just a few people. 
The same can be said about the actions of our government. This is not just 
about NY and it is not just about flying or tall buildings. It is about how 
we see this earth and attempt to figure out how to coexist, and what are 
responsibilities are. 
Will we be judged for our action on earth? I think we try not to think about 
Jerry Renning
 Enviro-Mich message from "Grant Trigger" <GTrigger@honigman.com>
 Why does your response not surprise me......

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