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E-M:/ Flint Land Use Task Force Meeting

House Democratic Land Use Task Force Sets Hearing for September 18th in Flint
WHO:  The House Democratic Land Use Task Force
           Rep. Patricia Lockwood (D-Fenton), co-chair
           Rep. Chris Kolb (D-Ann Arbor), co-chair
WHAT:  A public meeting
WHEN:  7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, September 18th
WHERE:  Erwin L. Davis Education Center, Room 102
               Geneseee ISD
               2413 West Maple Avenue, Flint
TOPIC:  The House Democratic Land Use Task Force will meet in Flint to discuss, strategize and find solutions to the land use crisis facing Michigan.  Joining the task force will be John Frece, Communications Director for Maryland Governor Parris Glendenning's Office of Smart Growth.  Maryland has been at the forefront of the Smart Growth movement.  Also joining the task force will be John Czarnecki, Vice President of Community Services, Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  There will be opportunity for public comment as well.
CONTACT:  Rep. Patricia Lockwood at 517-373-1780
                  Rep. Chris Kolb at 517-373-2577
Conan Smith
Land Programs Director
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A
Lansing, MI  48912
p. (517) 487-9539
f. (517) 487-9541