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E-M:/ Ingham County Water Report on PEER

Enviro-Mich message from "Marcus Cheatham" <HCA_CHEATHAM@ingham.org>

The Environmental Health Bureau and Community Health Assessment units of the Ingham County Health Department are struggling to understand what to do about accusations appearing on national bulletin boards like PEER, that they attempted to suppress information about environmental risks in Ingham County.  

The fact is, we have been in the business of publicizing such information for years because we want to overcome community apathy and stimulate environmental action.  That is why we created and continue to support the Environmental Health Assessment and Data Democratization.  Please see the following links...

Here is one we threw together for a quick tour of some data releases...

Here is our environmental health website...

And here is Data Democratization...

And more on line data...

We are stunned Mr. Wingerter or anyone would accuse us of suppressing information without so much as investigating the facts.  We have no objection to PEER publishing things Mr. McKenna writes (although the report published by PEER is unlike anything he had written when he left us).  We object to PEER saying we attempted to suppress it without contacting us.  We would welcome such investigation and expect a call from Mr. Wingerter immediately.  Mr. McKenna's problems with his employer had nothing to do with data suppression. 

Far from wanting to suppress action on the environment, we want to encourage it.  There are many critical environmental issues in Ingham County.  We urge you to get involved and work toward cleaner and safer communities. 

Marcus Cheatham
Health Analyst
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