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E-M:/ House Leaders Gird for Battle on Great Lakes Drilling

Dear Friend,
Leaders of the Michigan House of Representatives, responding to overwhelming public support for banning energy development beneath Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, are drawing up new legislation to prohibit drilling along the Great Lakes coast, perhaps for as long as a decade. State representatives say the new bill will pass easily and would set up an intense confrontation within the ranks of the state’s conservative leadership. On Thursday, the state Senate voted along party lines to block any action on Great Lakes drilling until at least January, 30, 2002.

An exclusive account of the House proposal and its ramifications is here:
http://www.mlui.org/projects/ogaspolicyreform/glakesdrilling/johnsondrill.asp The posting includes a letter from Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm and a statement by K.L. Cool, the Director of the Department of Natural Resources.

Michigan Lieutenant Governor Dick Posthumus announced earlier this year that he opposed drilling beneath the Great Lakes. The question now is will he close the deal? The Institute's assessment of Mr. Posthumus' resolve is at:

It's been a horrific two weeks for the nation. But as we pray for victims of the terror attacks and their families, and draw strength from our country's compassion and vigilance, the Michigan Land Use Institute also is intent on staying abreast of developments in our state capital. Hope this message finds you healthy and secure.

Yours, Keith Schneider, program director