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E-M:/ White Lake (Muskegon County) -two good articles on the same day?

Enviro-Mich message from HAMILTREEF@aol.com

The White Lake area has taken a lot of abuse for several years from the 
chemical companies, marina and condo developers, and the Whitehall Leather 
Company.  We are always involved with three challenges or more at the same 
time.  We cannot ever remember two positive articles in the Muskegon 
Chronicle on the same day.

State to help pay for Tannery Bay cleanup 

Whitehall Leather (Genesco) only wanted to take out 11,000 cuyd of 
contaminated sediment for $2M to fill in the wetland for the 65 condos in the 
future.  The DEQ field staff, Grand Valley State University, NOAA Great Lakes 
Lab, and the community using sound science wanted 83,000 cuyd about $8M for 
the complete cleanup.  DEQ reports showed the sediments contain chromium 
levels 200 times higher than normal, 100 times more arsenic than is normal as 
well as leather scraps, cow hair and a substance some described as 'purple 
mayonnaise.'  Considering the politics of Lansing, the compromise of 73,000 
cuyd for $6.35M is about the best we could hope for to see any cleanup take 
place in my lifetime.

County sinks plan to build golf course

In the case of Hilt's Landing Nature Area, I'm glad I could pull out of my 
files and show the commissioners the 1898 history of Burying Ground Point and 
the pictures I took in 1997 (as a volunteer with White River Watershed) that 
covered 400-feet of erosion restoration work we intend to get back to.  The 
community is now more aware of what they almost loss.  We also just recently 
received a $100,000 grant to formally help the entire White River Watershed 
that we never had back in 1997.  Many good things will come from this grant 
over the next 18 months.

Today was a good day for the morale of the White Lake community.  Thank you.
Tom Hamilton, White River Watershed

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