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E-M:/ golf course for South Fox Island?

Leelanau Township, which includes South Fox Island, is proposing amendments
to its Island Conservation District zoning ordinance (Article 16 of its
zoning ordinance).   Among other things, the proposed amendment would - for
the first time - specifically allow golf course development on South Fox
Island.  I am attaching to this email the Township's proposed amendment
(which is to be considered by the Township at a meeting this Thursday,
September 27th).  

Also attached are scanned copies of two letters which David Johnson/Mirada
Ranch have sent to Leelanau Township with regard to the proposed amendments.
In Mr. Johnson's April 26th letter, he objects to the proposed amendment's
parking requirements for golf courses. Although he states that "there is no
plan to develop a golf course",  his letter asserts that "if a golf course
is developed", it should not require parking.  The April 26th and June 12th
letters are both included in the "SouthFox.Miradaltrs" file which is
attached below.

All of the documents attached to this email were scanned from faxed copies.
Since scanners sometime make mistakes in formatting, lettering, etc., I
encourage people to obtain copies of the real documents.  This can be done
by contacting Leelanau Township offices at (231) 386-5138.  I doublechecked
the scanned versions against the originals and have corrected some of the
scanner's mistakes, but I may have missed something.

 <<Island Conservation District Proposed Amendment.doc>> 	 

Island Conservation District Proposed Amendment.doc