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E-M:/ Urgent Arctic Alert - Amendment could be offered thisafternoon

Enviro-Mich message from "David Ross" <ROSS@nwf.org>

Hello Friends of the Arctic,

We urgently need calls on the Arctic as amendments could be offered on the Senate Defense Authorization bill starting right after lunch.  Sen. Inhofe went to the Senate floor last night at 8PM to say he would indeed offer two amendments to the Senate Defense bill.  

Amendment 1 would attach the entire House passed Energy bill, H.R. 4, to the Defense Bill.  This includes Arctic drilling, $38 billion of subsidies to the oil & gas industry and many other bad things.

Amendment 2 would attach the Murkowski Energy bill to the Defense bill.  This includes Arctic drilling and other bad things.

TIMING - the amendments could be offered as soon as right after lunch Eastern Time (1pm on).

ACTION - We need calls this morning to all Senators.   Please do whatever you can to get calls into the Senate offices starting now and continuing all day.

TALKING POINTS-  Ask to speak to the Environmental Aide or the Senator if you know him/her.

     Senator Inhofe has stated that he will offer amendments to the Senate Defense Authoirzation bill TODAY that would allow drilling in the Arctic Refuge.  In addition to drilling in the Refuge, the amendments would attach entire energy bills to the Defense Authorization.

     This is an inappropriate bill in which to debate the Arctic Refuge.  This should be debated as part of the Energy bill coming up by Senator Bingaman.  The legislative process should be honored.  Debates on Energy policy should be done separately.

     Please vote FOR the motion to table this amendment.  Please speak out on the floor against this amendment being offered at this time.  

Be sure to ask specific questions:

Will the senator ask his colleagues to oppose the Inhofe effort?
Will the senator vote for a motion to table the amendment?
Will the senator vote to prevent drilling in the Refuge?
Will the senator speak out against the Inhofe amendment on the Senate floor?

Please send any responses back to me.

There is still work being done behind the scenes to stop these amendments BUT Inhofe can offer them if he wants to.  Please call your Senators right now.



Dave Ross
Regional Organizer
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana
National Wildlife Federation

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