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E-M:/ animal feeding operations

Enviro-Mich message from "Harris, Craig" <Craig.Harris@ssc.msu.edu>

in view of recent discussions about animal feeding operations, i thought
some people on enviro-mich might like to know about the article below in the
journal "environmental management"

craig k harris
department of sociology
center for integrated plant systems
national food safety and toxicology center
institute for food and agricultural standards
michigan state university
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tel:  517-355-5048
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Environmental Management 28:599-609 (2001)
        DOI: 10.1007/s002670010246
         2001 by Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. 

        Evolving Policies to Regulate Pollution from Animal Feeding

        Terence J. Centner 


        Due to concentrations of animals at large facilities, animal feeding
operations (AFOs) have emerged as a major potential source of water
pollution. The federal government regulates concentrated animal feeding
operations under its point-source pollution permitting regulations. A major
determinant of whether an operation must apply for a permit is the number of
animals at an individual lot or facility. This paper examines federal
mandatory controls and voluntary guidelines that seek to reduce contaminant
pollution from AFOs. Land treatment practices are delineated due to their
importance in reducing the injurious by-products of agricultural production.
An evaluation of proposed revisions to federal regulations on confined
animal feeding operations suggests they diverge from their goal of
controlling water pollution. Federal regulations focus on the size of
operation and amount of manure governed by the permitting process to the
exclusion of other criteria related to the impairment of water quality.
Given the uncertainties about the amount of pollution from AFOs, lack of
enforcement of existing regulations, localization of problems, and possible
alternatives for addressing the pollution, more demanding federal
regulations may not form an appropriate response.

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