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E-M:/ Call NOW to protect farmland

The Farm Bill will be debated on the House floor in the early afternoon TODAY (Thurs Oct 4). Please contact your representatives NOW to urge them to support the Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment (HR 2375--Working Lands Stewardship Act of 2001) which would vastly improve the current farm bill. Below is a letter that highlights the smart growth benefits of the Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment, as well as a Web link to talking points.

Please call now!
Key "on-the-fence" Michigan representatives are:
Rep. Peter Hoekstra 202-225-4401
Rep. Dave Camp 202-225-3561
Rep. James Barcia 202-225-8171
Rep. Sander Levin 202-225-4961
Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick 202-225-2261

Below: Smart Growth America’s letter urging members of Congress to support the Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment.

Dear Representative:

The Smart Growth America coalition strongly encourages you to support the Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment (H.R. 2375), which will be offered on the floor as a substitute to the conservation title of the farm bill passed by the House Agriculture Committee.

The Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment encourages smart growth by tripling the amount of federal funding allocated to agricultural conservation and environmental protection. It provides $2 billion annually for agricultural non-point source pollution abatement, which will save cities and towns billions in municipal water treatment costs. It will provide $500 million per year in federal funding which can be matched by states for farmland conservation through local and private conservation easements, and protect 250,000 acres of wetlands annually through the Wetlands Reserve Program. The Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment also provides funding for farmers markets, increases support for locally-grown food, supports expanded organic farming, boosting urban and community forests, increases assistance to socially disadvantaged farmers, and improves wildlife protection.

The Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert amendment is simply the best opportunity we will have in the next ten years to use voluntary, incentive based conservation programs to make farming more viable while curbing haphazard sprawl, improving water quality, protecting family farms, and enhancing wildlife habitat.



Smart Growth America

10 Reasons to Support the Kind-Gilchrest-Boehlert Amendment:

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