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E-M:/ Re: Lady Beetles

Enviro-Mich message from tobler <wtobler@tdi.net>

To add to what my husband wrote, these Impostor Beetles, as I call them,
can indeed have spots. In fact, their color shades and spot patterns (or
lack thereof) can be quite varied.  They're unmistakable as non lady
bugs once they bite.  They number in the hundreds *inside* our house,
and in the thousands on its exterior surfaces, in our barns, and even on
our wooden fence posts.

They've become such a problem that they're biting our horses and other
livestock.  When my neighbors and I ride, we must swat them off our
steeds and ourselves, and when our horses are at pasture, these bugs can
be equally relentless.  

So, for me, this infestation has gone beyond a mere inconvenience.  Just
what my poor horses need in this swampland we call southern Michigan, is
one more biting pest driving them to distraction.

Wendy Tobler

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