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E-M:/ "pseudo" lady beetles taste bad

Enviro-Mich message from "Karen D. Kendrick-Hands" <kdkhands@voyager.net>

I finally have something to add to this ladybug discussion>

I submit that the beetles lack natural predators because they taste bad. 
(Remember the Viceroy Butterfly, the Monarch Butterfly look- alike whose 
chief defense is their resemblance to the alleged foul tasting Monarch ( 
which supposedly tastes bad because its primary diet is the bitter milkweed.

Last fall I visited cousins in West Virginia, where the infestation was 
comparable to what you are reporting here. ( it was bad at my cabin in 
Clare, too.) Cousin Flossie ( the names have not been changed) related the 
following anecdote:

While sitting in church, one of those phony lady bugs dropped on my 
shoulder.  Surprised that I was not safe from them even in church, I 
silently nudged husband Jim to show him, and dropped it in his 
hand.  Without looking down, and assuming it was a "tic-tac" mint, he bit 
down hard getting the full benefit of the nasty taste.

Cousin Jimmy later reported it had the foulest, most unpleasant taste he 
had ever experienced. Needless to say, after that the sermon seemed even 
longer than usual . . . .

It is time to subject imported species to predator taste-testing before we 
release anymore uncontrollable insect "helpers."

( remember Alex, you started this thread - ;-)

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