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Re: E-M:/ "pseudo" lady beetles taste bad

Enviro-Mich message from tobler <wtobler@tdi.net>

"Karen D. Kendrick-Hands" wrote:

> Cousin Jimmy later reported it had the foulest, most unpleasant taste he
> had ever experienced. Needless to say, after that the sermon seemed even
> longer than usual . . . .

This is a great story!  I'm still chuckling, however, I'd like to have
Cousin Jimmy's opinion on the taste of a true Lady Bug (all test factors
identical, of course).  Point being that one specie's toluene is another
specie's Grey Poupon.
> It is time to subject imported species to predator taste-testing before we
> release anymore uncontrollable insect "helpers."

Most definitely!

BTW, are these things cross breeding with real Lady Bugs?  Like the
African Killer Bees breeding with our native bees, are we creating
Killer Lady Bugs? <G>

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