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E-M:/ GLIN:/ Need info on toxics in Great Lakes

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Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 16:44:18 -0500
From: Hulting.Melissa@epamail.epa.gov
Subject: GLIN==> Request for data on persistent organic substances in Great 
Lakes water
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Dear Colleagues:

The Steering Committee of the Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network
(IADN), a joint U.S.-Canada network that monitors atmospheric deposition
of persistent toxic substances to the Great Lakes, requests assistance
from researchers and other parties who have access to data on
concentrations of persistent organic substances in the open waters of
the Great Lakes.  The IADN requires these data in order to calculate
atmospheric loadings of these substances to the Lakes.  The network, in
operation since 1990, has accessed data collected by Environment Canada
and U.S. EPA in the past for this purpose.  However, for the next round
of calculations (using data from the years 1999 and 2000), additional
data are needed, particularly for Lake Michigan.

Substances monitored by IADN for which water data are needed include:
polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organochlorine pesticides (chlordane,
a- and g-HCH, DDT, dieldrin, etc.), hexachlorobenzene, and a subset of
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

The Steering Committee welcomes and greatly appreciates any assistance
that interested parties can provide.  While data from 1999 and/or 2000
are preferred, there is also interest in data from 1998 if available.
IADN is also looking for potential partners who have taken or plan to
take such measurements in 2001 and in the future and who would be
willing to contribute water data.  Those who contribute data will be
acknowledged appropriately in the network's future atmospheric loadings

Please send any pertinent information to:

Melissa Hulting, U.S. IADN Program Manager


CÚline Audette, IADN Data Manager

Additional information on IADN is available at www.msc.ec.gc.ca/iadn.


Melissa Hulting
U.S. IADN Program Manager

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