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E-M:/ BMP of Anti Diversion Billboard

Hello enviro-michers,

Jamie Morton (via Cheryl Mendoza of the Lake Michigan Federation) provided the below photo of the billboard in question.

Large-scale diversion of Great Lakes water is of course a serious long-term threat to the water of the basin and all the living things that depend on it. The states and provinces promised to do what it takes to prevent the big diversions when they signed the Annex 2001 document in Niagara Falls in June. We all have to make sure they do the required follow-up this next couple years.

But, as the Perrier project shows, we should also remember that, for the foreseeable future, it is WE who live around the lakes who are the biggest threats to the hydrological integrity of the Great Lakes basin. Preventing IN-BASIN abuse of water is another promise of Annex 2001 -- in fact, it is the legal justification for preventing large-scale diversions -- and it is equally if not more important for the long-term protection of basin waters.

Reg Gilbert