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E-M:/ Rare Species and Community Abstracts

Enviro-Mich message from "Michael Bitondo" <BITONDOM@state.mi.us>

I recevied the note below this morning and though enviro-mich subscribers might be interested:

Colored abstracts are now available for 121 natural features including 16 natural communities, 47 rare plants, 58 rare animals (including 17 aquatic organisms) on the Michigan Natural Features Inventory website.  
These abstracts are available for public and private use.  You can print those that you are interested in.  They contain information on the biology, ecology, threats, management concerns, and research needs.  They also include identification tips and are colorfully highlighted with photos, distribution maps, and calendar graphics showing the best time for survey.  Land managers and others interested in the conservation of Michigan's rich natural heritage will find these to be a valuable tool to aid in the identification of these rare elements, targeting of survey efforts, and development of appropriate management strategies.  They can also provide valuable guidance for restoration activities.  
Funding has been provided  by MDNR-Wildlife-Non-game Program, Forest Management and Fire Management, and Parks Bureaus, as well as MDEQ - Land and Water Management, Coastal Zone Management Program. To view the abstracts, please visit MNFI's web page where they are also available as downloadable pdf files: 
Jennifer Olson
Michigan State University Extension
Associate Program Leader - Environmental Review
Michigan Natural Features Inventory
PO Box 30444
Lansing, MI  48909-7944
fax (517) 373-9566

Mike Bitondo, 517-335-3303, bitondom@state.mi.us
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