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E-M:/ Apostle Islands Wilderness; Park Service needs to Hear from you.

Title: Apostle Islands Wilderness; Park Service needs to Hear
From: Julie Casper <julie.casper@cheqnet.net>
Subject: wilderness suitability study
Are you aware of the wilderness suitability study for Apostle Islands National Lakeshore? The National Park Service is evaluating the park for possible inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System.

They are seeking public input to direct their decision. The majority of comments they have received to date are opposed to wilderness designation. Those opposed feel it will restrict the development of motorized access to the islands.

Those in favor of wilderness protection status for the park either don't exist, or are not commenting.

The deadline for comments is January 15, 2002.
Please write to voice your comments, ideas and concerns.
Mail to:
Superintendent, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Route 1 Box 4
Bayfield, WI 54814

Or e-mail to:

You can get more information about this issue by going to:

Or by calling Jim Nepstad at (715) 779-3398 ext 102

Please share this information with friends who care about the Apostle Islands.

Thank you,
Julie Casper
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