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E-M:/ proposed South Fox Island land swap NOT equal

The Michigan DNR and the private owner on South Fox Island are claiming that the new exchange proposal is equitable and that the state actually gains one acre of land.

In the Traverse City Record-Eagle, Saturday November 10, 2001, page 2A the State says that they would swap 218 acres in the central part of South Fox Island.
In the Northern Express Weekly, November 15, 2001, page 7 Johnson says he wants 218 acres of state land on the west side of South Fox Island.

The problem is, that if you check the deeds for the publicly owned properties to be transferred, you will find that the State will be giving up a lot more acres than that.  24.95 acres to be exact.

State Land to be traded for private land:  South Fox Island Leelanau County T34N R13W

Section 6       fractional              22.95 acres
Section 8       Lot 1                   62.85
                Lot 2                   37.15
                                                  122.95 acres -- Deed dated March 10, 1964 Liber 134 Page 71

Section 9       NW1/4NW1/4              40.00 acres
                E1/2NW1/4               80.00
                                                  120.00 acres --- Deed dated October 28, 1963  Liber 133 Page 193
                                          242.95 acres total land to be traded from state ownership into private ownership  NOT 218.00 acres.

This is already a bad deal.  The extra 24.95 acres that the State is "throwing in" makes it worse.

Richard & Nancy Robertson    
South Fox Island Public Hunters Club