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E-M:/ Inkster wetland

Enviro-Mich message from Darryl Braun <darrylrich@yahoo.com>

C.U.F.A.'s (Citizens United for Action) grassroots
battle to preserve the Inkster wetland from
destruction and subsequent development continues.
Litigation brought by the proposed developer against
the property owners has been dismissed by the Wayne
County Court. 

The developer pressed the suit in an outrageous effort
to enact a clause which would reduce the sale price of
the property in the even that there existed "unuseable
acreage. Ironically, the term "unuseable acreage"
apparently refers to "regulated" wetland, a status
which the MDEQ, based on the developer's own
assessment, has officially determined is not

The city of Inkster is determined to conduct business
with this developer inspite of the fact that the
Company is slimy enough to simulataneously deny the
contentions of C.U.F.A. that there are more than five
acres of wetland on the site, and to press a suit
against the present property owners insisting that
there apparently is regulated wetland (i.e., more than
five acres) onsite.

C.U.F.A. has every intention of fighting on in its
preservation effort, but needs professional
assistance. We need to measure the acreage within the
wetland boundaries determined by the developer's
contractor, and those determined by experts engaged by
C.U.F.A. Our funding is obviously quite limited, so we
are appealing to concerned experts who might offer
assistance at considerable bargain rates. 

As 80% of the wetlands in Wayne County have already
disappeared, this is a battle of great importance.

Citizens United for Action

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