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E-M:/ More on Nuclear bill Reauthorization...calls needed Tuesday

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 18:19:36 -0500
From: Kevin Kamps <kevin@nirs.org>
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To: "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>
Subject: action alert for Enviro-Mich from Kevin Kamps, NIRS, Washington DC
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Hi Alex. I hope this revised version passes muster. I added a paragraph
on applicability to Michigan, and added the contact info for Michigan
Representatives at the end. Thanks.

---Kevin Kamps, NIRS

Nov. 26, 2001

Dear Friends:

Tuesday evening, November 27, the U.S. House is scheduled to vote
on reauthorization of the Price-Anderson Act (HR 2983), the nuclear
industry's unique scheme to avoid liability for its actions.
The vote is slated to take place under suspension of the rules, a
procedure normally used for noncontroversial legislation. No amendments
are allowed, and there is only a limited debate. However, the bill must
pass by a 2/3 margin--which means we only need 1/3 of the House to vote
against it to defeat it! Your calls and faxes can make the difference!

As documented in John Fuller's book "We Almost Lost Detroit," Michigan
suffered a partial meltdown on Oct. 6, 1966 at Detroit Edison's Fermi
One reactor near Monroe. This reauthorization of the Price-Anderson Act
would encourage the nuclear power industry to build new reactors in the
US for the first time in 25 years. To, as much as possible, avoid the
expected strong public opposition, the new reactors would be built at
already existing reactor sites, such as the dozens dotting the Great
Lakes. The Zion nuclear plant north of Chicago (upwind of Michigan in
the event of a radiation release) is the lead candidate site for new
reactors. Reauthorization of Price-Anderson encourages new reactor
construction by mandating that U.S. taxpayers, not the industry itself,
pay for the tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in damages that
could result from a catastrophic nuclear power accident at one of these
new reactors.

Please contact your House members right away. The Capitol Switchboard,
202-224-3121 or 225-3121, can plug you into your Representative's
D.C. office, or see the list at the bottom of this message for House
Members direct line in D.C. and at home district offices.

Urge your Representative to OPPOSE Price-Anderson reauthorization-
if for no other reason than that such controversial legislation should
receive full and broad debate.

1) PA provides a 3.4 billion dollar annual insurance subsidy to the
nuclear power industry, a develop, mature industry which should be able
to hold its own in a supposed free-market economy.
2) Current reactors are covered by PA whether or not it is reauthorized.
The only incentive for voting to extend PA coverage is for a NEW
generation of INHERENTLY UNSAFE reactors such as the Pebble Bed Modular
Reactor (PBMR) which are designed and can only function without a
containment building. Because of public opposition to nuclear power,
"new" reactors will most likely be built on existing reactor sites. Even
Vice-President Cheney admits that without Price-Anderson there would
likely be no new nuclear reactors in the US because of liability
4) Terrorist attacks on nuclear power facilities are a glaring concern
in light of September 11, 2001 and a reactor without containment is an
unnecessarily tempting target-no matter how well-guarded.
5) Price-Anderson would cap nuclear liability at 9.5 Billion while the
US Government estimates a reactor accident can cost from 24 Billion to
590 Billion dollars.


*Please call/fax your Representatives and demand THAT THEY VOTE
NO ON HR 2983; the reauthorization of Price-Anderson.

It is the height of arrogance--and folly--for the nuclear industry and
its backers to push a major nuclear bill at this time without even
debate, when National Guard troops are being sent to new reactor sites
daily and when every atomic reactor is a potential and horrifying

Please fax or call your Representative's DC office
Please also fax or call your Rep's local home district offices as well.

*After you've contacted your member, please contact your friends and
colleagues and urge them to do the same. The key is to call now! If your
Representatives are not hearing from you, they will certainly vote for
the industry.


Kevin Kamps
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
(former board member of Don't Waste Michigan and founder of
Kalamazoo's Chernobyl Children's Project)

Michigan's U.S. Representatives
Washington, D.C. and Home District Office phone and fax numbers

District 1
Bart Stupak (Democrat)
D.C. office phone 202.225.4735; fax 202.225.4744
District phone (toll free in MI) 1-800-950-7371
Alpena ph. 517.356.0690; fax 517.356.0923
Crystal Falls ph. 906.875.3751; fax 906.875.3889
Escanaba ph. 906.786.4504; fax 906.786.4534
Houghton ph. 906.482.1371; fax 906.482.4855
Marquette ph. 906.228.3700; fax 906.228.2305
Traverse City ph. 616.929.4711; fax 616.929.7725

District 2
Peter Hoekstra (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.4401; fax 202.226.0779
Cadillac ph. 231.775.0050; fax 231.775.0298
Holland ph. 616.395.0030; fax 616.395.0271
Muskegon ph. 231.722.8386; fax 231.722.0176

District 3
Vernon J. Ehlers (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.3831; fax 202.225.5144
Grand Rapids ph. 616.451.8383

District 4
Dave Camp (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.3561; fax 202.225.9679
District phone toll free in MI 1-800-342-2455
Houghton Lake ph. 517.422.7792; fax 517.422.7843
Midland ph. 517.631.2552; fax 517.631.6271
Owosso ph. 517.723.6759; fax 517.725.3117

District 5
James A. Barcia (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.8171; fax 202.225.2168
Bay City ph. 517.667.0003; fax 517.667.0921
Flushing ph. 810.732.7501; fax 810.732.7504
Saginaw ph. 517.754.6075; fax 517.754.6571

District 6
Fred Upton (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.3761; fax 202.225.4986
Kalamazoo ph. 616.385.0039; fax 616.385.2888
St. Joe ph. 616.982.1986; fax 616.982.0237

District 7
Nick Smith (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.6276; fax 202.225.6281
Battle Creek ph. 616.965.9066; fax 616.965.9036
Jackson ph. 517.783.4486; fax 517.783.3012

District 8
Mike Rogers (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.4872; fax 202.225.5820

District 9
Dale E. Kildee (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.3611; fax 202.225.6393
District office toll free in MI 1-800-662-2685
Flint ph. 810.239.1437; fax 810.239.1439
Pontiac ph. 248.373.9337; fax 248.373.6955

District 10
David E. Bonior (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.2106; fax 202.226.1169
Mount Clemens ph. 810.469.3232
Port Huron ph. 810.987.8889

District 11
Joe Knollenberg (Republican)
D.C. ph. 202.225.5802; fax 202.226.2356
Farmington Hills ph. 248.851.1366
Livonia ph. 734.425.7557

District 12
Sander M. Levin (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.4961; fax 202.226.1033
Sterling Heights 810.268.4444

District 13
Lynn Rivers (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.6261; fax 202.225.3404
Ypsilanti ph. 734.485.3741; fax 734.485.4165

District 14
John Conyers Jr. (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.5126; fax 202.225.0072
Detroit ph. 313.961.5670; fax 313.226.2085

District 15
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.2261; fax 202.225.5730
Detroit ph. 313.965.9004; fax 313.965.9006

District 16
John Dingell (Democrat)
D.C. ph. 202.225.4071; fax 202.226.0371
Dearborn ph. 313.846.1276; fax 313.846.5628
Monroe ph. 734.243.1849; fax 734.243.5559

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