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Subject: SB11 Postponed: Keep up Letters, Calls

 To supporters of stricter medical waste regulation:     According to Andy
Schorr, Senator Gary Peter's Legislative Aid, the
Natural  Resources Committee's vote on SB11, Peters' medical waste
incinertor bill will not take place tomorrow, Nov. 27th as expected.
Senator Peters is still meeting with Committee Chair, Ken Sikkema, to ensure
Committee support for the

A date for the Committe to vote on the bill has not been set, but Peters
hopes to get  the bill voted out before the current session ends, December
14.  So it is important to continue to organize support in the form of
letters, calls and e-mails to Sikkema and members of the Natural Resources
Committee: Ken Sikkema, Chair (R-Grandville),  Mat J. Dunaskas (R-Lake
Orion), Harry Gast (R-St. Joseph), Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Township) and
Joe Young, Jr.(D-Detroit). Senator Sikkema' toll-free number: 800-774-1174.

The postal address for all Senators:  State Capitol, P.O. Box 30036,
 Lansing, MI 48909-7536.
E-mails to Senators use the following format:  Sen(First initial)(Last
name)@senate.state.mi.us.  Example: senKSikkema@senate.state.mi.us.

A flyer explaining the bill and reasons to support it is attached.
 One of DEQ's objections is apparently the lack of funds budgeted to support
the provision for study of alternative technology to disinfect medical
waste.  This is an important provision as a DEQ finding of prudent and
feasible alternative methods of treating waste would require that agency to
cease issuing permits for medical waste incineration.

Sierra Club has asked that the bill as currently drafted be amended to
include provisions to address environmental justice concerns and upgrade
restrictions on disposal and "recycling" of fly and bottom ash, e.g. for use
in construction materials, road paving or fertilizer.  Support for these
amendments should be mentioned.

     Please call, write, fax or E-mail as soon as possible.

                               Anna Holden, Co-Chair, Convervation Committee
                               Sierra CLub, Southeast Michigan Group
                               Phone: 313-331-0932