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E-M:/ Senate Great Lakes Conservation Task Force still taking comments for another week



The Senate Great Lakes Conservation Task Force held their last hearing last evening at Saginaw Valley State University.  The room was packed with members of SOS- Save our Shorelines, and the task force ran out of time to hear all who came to testify.  However, they will continue to take written comments about Great Lakes issues for another 7 days, so get your letters in as soon as possible.  They can take them by email also.


Please address your envelope or email subject line to “Attn: Great Lakes Conservation Task Force”.


I gleaned these addresses from another enviro-mich email:


The postal address for all Senators:  State Capitol, P.O. Box 30036,  Lansing, MI 48909-7536.

E-mails to Senators use the following format:  Sen(First initial)(Last name)@senate.state.mi.us. 

Example: SenKSikkema@senate.state.mi.us.


Senator Ken Sikkema is the Chair of the Great Lakes Conservation Task Force, you may address your letters to him.

Senator Sikkema' toll-free number: 800-774-1174.


Senator Sikkema said that recommendations from the task force will go to the legislature in early January, and further hearings may be held on specific issues and on specific legislation, so please watch for more information.


Get those letters in. 



Rita Jack

Water Sentinels Project Director

Mackinac Chapter Sierra Club

tel:  810-629-1107



“Speak out – even if your voice shakes.”