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E-M:/ Sprawl work in Ann Arbor area

Dear Michigan environmentalists,

I write to you to as a very concerned citizen raised in Ann Arbor and
now a junior at Georgetown University.  I will be in Ann Arbor from
December to April and am hoping to do full or nearly full-time work
encouraging smart growth(i.e. fighting sprawl).  Does anyone know of any

positions or openings?

I have been in touch with Representative Chris Kolb who recommended
asking this list about work possibilities and Liz Brater(former Land Use

Planner for the Ecology Center, now running for senate).  I have
attached a resume.

I have been very active in sprawl stuff here at Georgetown.  I brought a

couple speakers to campus to explain the issue to an audience of around
30.  Then have written many letters, have an article in the campus paper

on the effects of sprawl, have given public comment at the Tranportation

Planning Board meeting for metro DC, have worked with the Sierra Club on

various volunteer activities, attended ECOnference, will be attending
the Sustainable Communities conference next week here in DC and many
other sprawl related activities.  Lastly, as a front-page article in our

campus paper shows(http://www.thehoya.com/news/112001/news4.cfm), I
brought DC Councilmember(vice chair of the TPB) to campus to a crowd of
over 40 to discuss transportation issues, funding, sprawl and its
effects on the environment and more.  Mayor Mason of the city of Fairfax

will be coming in the future.  I have also done an hour long radio show
at the University of Maryland explaining sprawl and DC's situation.  I
am confident I have skills for such a job, through my personal efforts
and a strong liberal arts education, 3.7 GPA, German major, fluency in
French and German.

If anyone knows of possible work opportunities or information or advice
I'd love to hear from you,


Joseph Tyler
tel;home:202 784 8502
fn:Joseph Tyler