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E-M:/ ANWR Senate Vote On Monday, 5 p.m.

Enviro-Mich message from Wjkramarz@aol.com

Oil-soaked opportunists in the U.S. Senate need 60 votes on Monday to "open 
up" the last 5% of Alaska's North Slope not already available for oil 
exploitation.   These extremists will be utilizing a "cloture vote" procedure 
to avoid any filibuster.    Per the following press release reposted with 
permission from Circle of Life Foundation, please also pass this on to 
friends and associates in the key states of Oregon, Hawaii, Louisiana, and 
Arkansas.   The U.S. Capital switchboard phone number is  (202) 224-3121:


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is home to over 120,000 caribou
and over 7,000 Gwich'in people who depend on the Porcupine Caribou Herd and
this sacred land for their continued traditions, culture and survival.

Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, many Republicans are trying to
portray drilling in the Arctic as a matter of national security. In reality,
it would take 10 years to bring Arctic Refuge oil to market. The U.S.
Geological Survey  estimates that oil recovered from the Arctic Refuge would
amount to less than a six month supply for American consumers.  At no time
would oil from the refuge be expected to amount to more than about 2 percent
of US demand. We would still need to import over half of our oil from
foreign countries. There is no justification whatsoever for "rushing to
judgment" on the Arctic Refuge in response to the terrorist attacks.

This Monday, December 3, The U.S. Senate will vote on whether to accept an
amendment to the Railroad Retirement Bill on drilling in the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge.  Republicans have called for a "cloture" vote to shut down
the filibusters from Senators Kerry and Boxer and others against the
amendment, which means the Republicans need 60 votes to allow a vote in
favor of drilling the Arctic.  If we can get 41 Senators to say NO to Arctic
Oil drilling, we win.

TAKE ACTION NOW!  You will need to call or fax your Senators' offices--
which takes about 1 minute or less, instructions below.

Senators Boxer and Feinstein of California have announced their opposition
to drilling in the Arctic, and even some supporters of drilling are opposed
to using amendments on non-germane bills like railroad retirement to vote on
something as serious as the President's energy bill.  Be sure to THANK
Senators Boxer and Feinstein!

Please feel free to use the Alaska Coalition alert below. And please spread
the word to friends and allies in SWING STATES like OREGON, HAWAII,


Senate Poised to Vote on Arctic Refuge Amendment!

Here we go again!  This Monday (December 3) at 5 p.m. eastern time, the
Senate is scheduled to vote on the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge!  This will be the critical moment of the Refuge to date this session
of the Senate!

Unfortunately, Senator Murkowski and other oil industry allies have tried to
exploit the tragic events of September 11 to pass controversial energy
legislation that's bad for the environment, bad for consumers, bad for our
economy, and even bad for our energy security.  First, early this fall, as
our nation sought to address its critical security needs, Senator Inhofe
tried to block the Defense Authorization Bill in order to force a vote on
Arctic drilling and energy.  Then, when the Senate took up the Aviation
Security Bill, to protect our airports and citizens as we fly, Senator
Gramm from Texas offered an amendment that would mandate drilling in the
Arctic Refuge coastal plain.

Earlier this month, as the Senate began to debate the future of our economy
with the Economic Stimulus Package, Senator Craig from Idaho filed H.R 4 as
an amendment to that bill.  That bill has since been removed from
consideration while the two parties attempt to reach some agreement.

That brings us to today.   The Senate is debating the Railroad Retirement
Bill.  Senators Lott, Murkowski and Brownback have teamed up to offer an
amendment to this bill. They have packaged together as an amendment H.R. 4
(the House-passed energy bill) and a moratorium on human cloning; the
railroad bill has already passed the House and has 75 co-sponsors in the

These Senators have been trying to hold up Senate business since September
11th.  There are appropriations bills that fund the government, a bill that
we need to stimulate the economy, a bill to help our nation's farmers, and
now this bill to help railroad retirees.  These are all pieces of
legislation that are important to us as Americans.  H.R 4 is a threat to our
way of life, a corporate give-away and a destruction of our public lands,
including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


We need our Senators to get SWAMPED with faxes, e-mails, and phone calls
from their constituents telling them to kill the Lott / Murkowski /
Brownback amendment and to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
This takes only a few moments and can really make a huge difference!  Here
are some resources to use.


Talking Points for Phone Calls

This is easy and VERY effective.

Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 and ask for your
Senator's office.

They will connect you directly at no additional cost.  Three things to say
to your Senator's office staff on the phone:

1. Tell them your full name and town.
2.  Tell them you're calling about a vote on Monday.
3.  Tell them to Please vote to protect the Arctic Refuge and to kill the
Lott / Murkowski / Brownback amendment to the Railroad Retirement bill.

You can ask the aide to repeat it back to you to make sure they got the info
correctly.  Or you can just say thank you and hang up.   Very simple, takes
about 45 seconds.  Why not do it right now?  There's your phone and you have
all the info you need!

The refuge is depending on you!!!  Pick up the phone and go!

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