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Better Living through Fewer Toxins


December 4, 2001              Press Contact: Melissa Bunker 313/886-9074

EPA Scientist Describes Dioxin Danger and How to Reduce Health Risks on Dec. 5

  Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum, a government expert on the impact of chemicals on human life, will explain what the toxin is; how it works; how it gets inside of us; and how to avoid it.  Dr. Birnbaum is Present Acting Director, Human Studies Division, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  She received her doctorate in microbiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana in 1972 and is certified in toxicology by the American Board of Toxicology.  For her contributions to science and public service, she received the EPA 2001 Diversity Leadership Award and the EPA 1999 Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

WHAT:  In a special LocalMotion public presentation, "Dioxin: Are We All at Risk?" Dr. Birnbaum will describe the effects of the toxic chemical on adults, children, and developing fetus.  Dioxin is a highly toxic by-product of modern life, created as by-products of various manufacturing processes.  The insidious chemical behaves like a human hormone, disturbing the body's biochemistry.  While traces of the chemicals can be found in even the most remote places on earth, dioxin contamination is particularly concentrated in the Great Lakes basin.

WHEN & WHERE:  The LocalMotion address begins at 7 p.m., Dec. 5, 2001, at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, 32 Lakeshore Drive, Grosse Pointe, Mich.  Dr. Birnbaum's presentation is open to the public.  Admission is $5 per person.  Dr. Jadranka Dragovic, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at the Edith McNaughton Ford Center for Radiation Oncology, will introduce Dr. Birnbaum.

WHY:  Through its "Toxins in the Environment: Preventions and Solutions" lecture series, LocalMotion is working to raise awareness in order to reduce the risk to human health from environmental toxins.  Presented by internationally recognized medical and environmental experts, the series provides credible scientific information that helps people understand the connections between health and environment.  The series is designed to help people make informed choices that will reduce the risk of cancer and other health problems.  Mr. Michael Gilbertson, Dr. Ted Schettler, Mr. William McDonough, Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Mr. Steve D. Lerner, and Dr. Devra Davis are among the LocalMotion public speakers.

LEARN MORE:  For more information, or to arrange interviews, please contact Melissa Mengden Bunker at (313) 886-9074.

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