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E-M:/ Article on Pesticides in Schools on MSNBC

David J. Zaber
P.S. Here in Wisconsin, we passed a Healthy Schools bill with support from both sides of the isle.  A republican governor signed it into law.  Democrats were the leaders but it couldn't have been done without bi-partisan support.  A cost-benefit analysis shows that over time, costs will go down as synthetic pesticide use is reduced, thereby reducing costs of controlling pests.  Of course, any such bill would have a provision for emergency uses (e.g. wasp nests, etc.), where the safety of children is at risk. 
I understand that citizens in Michigan have been working to remove toxic pesticides from schools.  For those interested in this issue, you may want to check out the following URL from MSNBC's website.  The piece is titled:
No federal pesticide rules for schools"
"Republican lawmakers kill legislation as costly, poorly crafted"